City of Santa Monica Administrative Team Associates
We are the Administrative Team Associates
We assist in Santa Monica's strategic planning, oversee the city's assets and investments, and implement public policy by leveraging our collective human capital to produce the maximum community benefit.
We administer, facilitate, analyze, recommend and report.  We remove obstacles, uncover opportunities, and our work represents the best of local government.

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ATA is involved with many things in our City. We strategize and control many of the things that happen. If you hear of any event that may involve your Bargaining unit then please contact us.

You have more than most bargaining units benefits as fought for by the ATA. We surpass all other barganing units when it comes to benefits.

If you've reached ATA then you are probably thinking about retirement. We strive to make your life easier after the City.

Click here for current events. Click here for more information as to what ATA has done for you.  Click here to see where your bargaining unit has helped you. 

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We make great things happen for the City of Santa Monica.